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IRPG Mission

"I'm Ready to Preach the Gospel"



Using the gift of an Evangelist, IRPG Mission demonstrates compassion by persuading others to trust in the Lord and grow in faith.


Send an Email if you feel led to support the vision and mission of the ministry. 

Financial contributions can be sent through PayPal.

Contributions made to IRPG Mission are tax-deductible



Welcome, and thank you for visiting the website for IRPG Mission.

Evangelist Bro Derek Keiser preaching the gospel
Evangelist Derek O. Keiser 
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IRPG Mission seeks the following ministry opportunities:

  • Evangelism Opportunities

  • Pulpit Supply 

  • Prayer Meetings

  • Bible Studies

  • Worship Services

  • Revival Meetings 

  • Speaking Engagements 

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