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About IRPG Mission


In June of 2015, I was working in Nelson County, VA. A thought was on my mind that I had “dreamed” about many times. I was thinking about a mission trip. Not just any mission trip, but one that I would be going on. My daydreaming began to turn into an idea as I worked that afternoon. Soon, that idea began to feel real to me. So, I stopped the truck, put it in park, and prayed to God. I asked God this; If His plan was for me to go on a mission trip, that He would make it clear to me. Well, that He did. In the days to follow God made it very clear this was His intent - for me to carry the Good News of Jesus to Wildland Firefighters.


That year I served as a witness to wildland firefighters and I continue to minister, support, edify and preach the Gospel to wildland firefighters when the opportunities present themselves. 

In 2020, God expanded His calling on my life and the mission to go and evangelize the Gospel message, not only to the wildland fire community, but to the uttermost parts of the world! God now has opened opportunities to preach as an evangelist. I am fortunate to be working with a mentor, Evangelist Earl Clarkson, sharing my testimony and preaching the Word.


2 Corinthians 5:11 "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men"






What IRPG stands for


IRPG stands for Incident Response Pocket Guide. This guide is used by wildland firefighters as field guide and reference. The guide contains safety checklists and standard operating procedures; it aids the firefighter to ensure that the tactics they are implementing are safe and follow standard practices.

The guide is very important and is carried by all firefighters on the fireline and is referenced constantly for direction, just as the Bible is to Christians. So I coined the phrase “I’m Ready to Preach the Gospel” for the mission God has for me.


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Evangelist Earl Clarkson and Myself

About Bro. Derek O. Keiser 

Brother Derek O. Keiser is fulfilling a received call of Evangelism Ministry. Bro. Derek is a current member of and serves at Clifford Baptist Church in Amherst Virginia. Clifford Baptist Church supports, sends and ordains the ministry of IRPG Mission. He has served in areas at Clifford such as; Sunday School Director, Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, and Pastor Search Committee. He preaches a Gospel centered message and preaches expositionally. 

Bro. Derek graduated Dabney S. Lancaster Community College in Clifton Forge Virginia with an associates in Forestry. He has worked for the Virginia Department of Forestry since 2005. In 2021 he completed a Certificate of Christian Ministry from Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. 

Bro. Derek was born and raised in Buena Vista, Virginia and now lives in Amherst, Virginia with wife Kristy and daughter Raegan. 

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IRPG Mission is a member of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelist 
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